Featured Music For Your Wedding Day!

Front Row

The parents, grandparents, family and most honored guests will be seated in the Front Row.

We Married - The Bride Slide

We Married - The Bride Slide!  A Pop/R&B "JAM" with an Old School flava! 

I Do (Ring of Gold)

Lighting The Unity Candle or the Processional.   "You'll wear a ring of gold till we grow old..."

We Married - Wiz's ReMix

Your reception will be rockin' when you turn up this wedding dance club banger!

Little Girl

“Little Girl” is the perfect Father Daughter Dance Song!

First Dance

I never dreamed I'd wear a wedding ring, but we just had our First Dance!

I Do (Precious Memories)

"It once was air guitars and Hot Wheel cars... " Lighting The Unity Candle or the Processional.

Take a Step

THE ULTIMATE SONG FOR THE ENTRANCE OF THE BRIDE, “Take a Step” invites you to the experience the moment you’ve dreamed about all of your life.  

The Bride Slide - Southern Soul ReMix

The Bride Slide - Featuring LaVoria Reese & Lady Fay