The Bride Slide - Southern Soul ReMix

The Bride Slide - Featuring LaVoria Reese & Lady Fay

The Bride Slide - Southern Soul ReMix –  Radio Edit 3:58

Lyrics & Music by:  E. Walter Smith

Produced by: Bruce Billups 

Background Vocals by:  LaVoria Reese & Lady Fay


The Bride Slide Southern Soul ReMix 

Wedding DJs around the world are now “rockin’ receptions” with my HOT new ‘club banger,’ The Bride Slide – Southern Soul ReMix, featuring LaVoria Reese & Lady Fay!

I know I’m usually known for romantic ballads, but this song portrays the raw emotions of every bride and groom as they complete the final chapter of an old school courtship and celebrate the beginning of a life filled with unbridled passion and the start of a new family.

Bringing a new groove to a bride’s “Must Play” list, The Bride Slide – Southern Soul ReMix  opens with the heart thumping chant of:


Bride Slide, Hey!

Bride Slide, Ho!

Bride Slide, Hey!

Do The Bride Slide!


I got Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards Nominee for the "Best New Female Artist,"Lavoria Reese to bring a “realness” to the song to which women all around the world can relate.  Where Madison Avenue typically portrays a modern bride as a youthful size 4, Reese “brags” “We Married!  Do The Bride Slide” as a gorgeous, chocolate, full figured, faith filled and full grown woman.  

When asked how she feels about becoming the “poster girl” for brides around the world, Reese says, “Wow! Is this me?  LAVORIA? The church girl is now the wedding funky party singer?!   What diversity I have!”

Radio Industry veteran, DJ Mac Tee called and said, “E., I’m from Chicago, and I know how people up North loved your first video.  But, down here in the deep South, folks ain’t happy until the song is so funky that they have to take their shoes off and dance.  I want you get to with one of Southern Soul music’s hottest producers, Bruce Billups and let him put that thang on your song.  He knows what people like down here and we’ll take this song to the next level! 

What also made this exciting is that I was able to add the “how to do The Bride Slide rap” and feature EDM hype princess and choreographer Lady Fay.  (I introduced a new line dance specifically for a wedding…The Bride Slide.  Choreographed by Jennifer Melchor (Mary J Blige, SWV, LL Cool J, Salt & Pepa)The Bride Slide is a simple line dance that can be done by everybody at the reception. )

The vocal mixing mastering, like the icing on a wedding cake, was engineered and mastered by John Henry Johnson, Jr. CEO/President of Mad At It Records, LLC in Los Angeles. (Darryl Swann (Macy Gray) Akon (Colby O’Donis), YoYo

I was inspired to write this song when I’d gone to my parent’s house for Christmas only to be awaked one morning by the sound of classic line dance music.   When I went down stairs they were in the middle of the dining room practicing a new line dance for the annual Couples Club Holiday party. So, as a special surprise I wrote We Married - The Bride Slide as a dedication to them as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Over the years a lot of brides and DJs have asked me to write a hot dance song that they can play to replace “dreaded four.”  (The Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena and Cupid Shuffle).  Well, let’s just say I glad to see that they are making room for The Bride Slide – Southern Soul Style!