Take a Step

THE ULTIMATE SONG FOR THE ENTRANCE OF THE BRIDE, “Take a Step” invites you to the experience the moment you’ve dreamed about all of your life.  

Take a Step – Radio Edit 3:30

Lyrics by:  E. Walter Smith

Music by:  Glen Perdew

Produced by: Reginald "Wizard" Jones

Background Vocals by:  Glen Perdew & Tammy Harper

As the music begins to play, the groom stands at the altar and reminisces about the first time he laid eyes on the woman who is about to walk down the aisle to become his wife.

 Few realize he’s even standing there.  But, just as he started this whole process when he proposed, this show can’t start without him!

Now at the other end of the aisle… standing behind the big closed doors, is his beautiful bride.  This is the moment that she has dreamed about since she was a little girl.   The doors open and she can finally see her “knight in shining armor.”   As they lock eyes, she can hear the sound of everyone in attendance say, “Take A Step.”

The journey to “happily ever after” is about to begin!

One of the first things a woman does when she accepts a marriage proposal is to start shopping for a gown.  Sure she’s looked at thousands over her lifetime, but now it’s real.   Should it be long or short… white or champagne … strapless or halter … so many options ….all for that walk down the aisle.   Will her groom find her beautiful?  Will her daddy shed a tear?   Will she quiet all the haters?!!!  Lol

Many times, right before the beginning of the wedding, I’m in the room with the groom and the pastor or officiant.  This is usually the first time I’ve met him, because I typically deal with the bride, her mother, the wedding coordinator and the DJ. 

The conversation usually goes like this:

Me: “Hey, bro!  I’m E. I’m going to be singing for your wedding today.   You ready?”

Groom: “Hey man!  Great to meet you.  Yea bro, I’m ready!”

Me: “Great!  Best wishes to you and you new bride!”

Groom: “Thanks man!”

Then I wait a few seconds and this is what always happens:

He’ll take a deep breath.  Look up to the Heavens.   Start wringing his hands. Then start shaking his hands. Take another deep breath.  Utter something under his breath like, “I can do this!” 

So, to break the ice and calm his nerves a little bit, I say, “So how did you two meet?”

He’ll take a deep breath, smile and say, “Aaw bro, we met at … “   Usually, midway through his story it’s time for me to sing “Front Row.”  But, before I leave, I’ll say, “Seems like you’re ready bro!”

He’ll say, “Yeah man. Thanks!

Now occasionally, the Mother of the Bride or the Maid of Honor will ask me to come in the room with the bride.  That whole scene is like back stage at a fashion show.  The difference is that this is billed as being a “once in a life time performance,” so the tension in the room is high.

Usually, the bride will say:

“Hey E.!  You OK?   Is everything alright?  You got your music?   How did the sound check go?   One of my brides maids is getting married next year.  Come here, girl.  You need to meet E.!” 

Then she’ll say, “E. Does this dress make me look fat?”  (I’m kidding!  Lol)

Actually, once she’s dressed she’ll turn around and say, “How do I look?  Do you think he’ll like my gown?  I’ve dreamed of this day all my life.” 

I wrote “Take A Step” to be the processional song for every bride around the world.   It speaks as the ultimate invitation from the groom to ask his bride start their lives together.  I asked Glen Perdew to write the music because he does an amazing job of interpreting what I’m singing.  He created the musical magic needed to deliver this message in a way that allows the song to work if it is only performed with a piano or guitar.  

I co-wrote “Little Girl” and “First Dance” with Glen.  I think what makes him special is that he teaches music in a multi-ethnic elementary school, plays clubs at night and tours with corporate bands and national recording artists. That kind of diversity gives him a broad range of influence as he captures the soundtrack of a little girl’s dream and makes her fairy tale wedding come true.

I got Wizard Jones (Justin Bieber, TLC, New Edition, Tony Braxton, and SOS Band) to produce this because Glen played at his wedding, he got a lot of new gear while touring with Justin Beiber and got some great musicians to give the song an amazing organic feel. He produced “Front Row” and co-wrote “Good Night Sweet Dreams” with me knows how to really add lush strings, horns and acoustic guitars to make a track beautiful.

I asked Glen to produce the background vocals and I got Tammy Harper to give me that strong soprano I needed.   She sang the hook and ad-libs on “MMM, MMM Baby” and I knew she would be great for “Take-A-Step.”

Once all the vocals were recorded, I need a mix that was rich with the feelings of a dreamy fairy tale. Darryl Swann (Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray, Mos Def, Stevie Wonder, LA Reid) had just completed a masterful job on “MMM, MMM Baby!” and I knew he would be able to knock this right out of the park!    

Since the Wedding Processional is considered the highlight of every wedding, I would not be surprised if “Take A Step” becomes my signature song.