Front Row

The parents, grandparents, family and most honored guests will be seated in the Front Row.

Front Row  (Wedding Day!) – Radio Edit 4:03

Lyrics by:  E. Walter Smith and Donna I. Douglas

Music by:  Babbie Mason

Produced by:  Reginald "Wizard" Jones

Background Vocals by:  Jason Sylvain and Jasmine Ice



Before the bride processes down the aisle and before the groom stands at the altar, the most honored guests at the ceremony will be seated in the Front Row. 

The journeys we take throughout our lives are filled with trials, tribulations and celebrations.   As we watch our loved ones grow, we often find ourselves sitting in a front row seat… the school play… the sporting event… the recital… when you teach them how to drive…graduation... and now, Wedding Day!

“…Another front row seat

For another front row first

Another memr'y for your book

Another line, another verse…”

Front Row walks you down memory lane as you reminisce about all the special moments that led up to Wedding Day!   Pre-school, First Communion, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Boot Camp… any day that celebrates an amazing personal achievement where you had the best seat in the house!

Many of us have friends and family that will be watching the wedding from Heaven’s front row seat.  Celebrated art director, and founder of Mason Dzigns, James M. Bartlett, created the CD cover with the song’s title, “Front Row” written across the beautiful blue sky background.          

I wrote this song with my blonde hair, blue eyed soul sister; platinum selling songwriter, Donna I. Douglas.   We met about a thousand years ago through industry make-up artist Venita of Tyler Marcel Cosmetics.   Donna was the first person to really help me to hone my songwriting skills.   She is one of the most loving, sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  In fact, it’s often said that she’s so holy that she glows in the dark.  But, when it comes to song writing … all the sugar and spice gets put on a shelf.   Bring your “A” game or go home. 

I knew that I wanted Front Row to be a beautiful song, but as I was writing it was turning into a one song concert.   So, I rather anxiously called Donna for some help.

“Wow, E, you’ll be singing forever if you keep all of this!” she said.  After a while we carved what I placed in her lap into something that was beautiful.   Then she asked a very important question, “Can you sing some of it for me?”     Well, that was another problem. I was totally blanking out as I tried to come up with a melody.   I told her I was working on it and would get back to her when I got it together.

Well, hours turned into days, days into weeks… you know the story.  So, I called her to let her know that I was completely stumped.  I asked her if had any ideas, and she immediately said, “Call Babbie!” 

Donna and award winning singer, writer, teacher and television host, Babbie Mason have been best friends for years.  I appeared twice on Babbie’s House singing “I DO” and “Tenderness.”   I sent her the lyrics to the song, and she had written the piano music and melody for it in about an hour.    We changed the key, tweaked the chorus and now I had written an amazing song with two music industry greats! 

Now I had to get it produced.   I called “Wizard” Jones, and as luck would have it he was in town.  He was getting ready to do two dates in Japan with Chili and T-Boz of TLC and had just finished some dates with United We Funk.   Front Row allowed him to pull out his French horns, oboes, timpani and lush strings to create a music bed for this timeless tune.

Now, I needed some angels for background vocals.  I called former member of the R&B group 4.0, Jason Sylvain, to see if he was available.   I sent him a scratch vocal of the song and he immediately suggested that he bring Jasmine Ice to the project.    Jason has great patience, and took the time to listen and create the perfect harmony and blend needed for the song.  What a blessing!

By the time I finished recording this song there were over 120 tracks that had to be mixed and mastered.  I called on award winning sound engineer, Larry LaRue, and he painted the finishing touches that melt your heart and bring you to tears of joy today.

…come on down and have a seat….looks like you’re in the Front Row!