First Dance

I never dreamed I'd wear a wedding ring, but we just had our First Dance!

First Dance - Radio Edit 5:27

Lyrics by:  E. Walter Smith

Music by:  Glen Perdew

Background Vocals by:  Palmer Williams, Jr & Raquel Lozano

Sax Solo:  Darian Emory  

With every beat of your heart you dance in celebration of new beginnings and the exciting journey of being man and wife!  You realize that your whole life has been lived to bask in this special moment…Your First Dance!

Emotions will be running high…your friends, parents, relatives and co-workers…everybody you know will be watching….The groom doesn’t want to cry, but all he can say is, “Baby, I love you…you are so beautiful” as he fights back all of his tears.   By the time I finish singing my song you’ll look each other in the eyes and know that dreams do come true.

When I found out that my sister was getting married to a guy she met on the Internet I was, let’s say….umm, curious.   She was living in Japan and he was living in the D.C area.   He flew out to see her and it was magical.

Like every older brother, I was anxious to meet him.   But, I must admit, when he flew to Atlanta to take me to dinner I was impressed.   He’s a great guy and I’m glad he and my sister are building their lives together.

The lyrics of First Dance tell the story of their courtship and how if you “never dreamed you’d wear a wedding ring,” when the time is right, you too will have your First Dance.

I called on Glen Perdew to write and produce the music for this song because I needed it to have an incredible Pop feel to it laced with background vocals by Palmer Williams, Jr. ("Floyd" from House of Payne, Love Thy Neighbor, Monica, LSG, Keith Sweat, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Can A Woman Make A Man Lose His Mind?, What a Man Wants...What a Woman Needs) and Raquel Lozano, but leave enough room for Darian Emory (George Duke, Sonny Emory, Kool and the Gang's JT Taylor) to lay a soulful sax solo, and end the song like a classic standard …

 …creating something like true love …timeless.