Music & Fashion Create Wedding Day Passion:

Wedding Singer, E. Walter Smith Endorses

“The Wedding Day Tuxedo Collection”


International singer/songwriter, E. Walter Smith and Atlanta, Georgia based Express Tuxedo, have struck a harmonious chord that puts their blend of music and fashion on many brides and grooms “must have” list.   Competitive pricing and a customer service experience that caters to the needs of almost every bridal party  makes answering the proposal of renting The Wedding Day Tuxedo Collection an easy, “We Do!”

Express Tuxedo’s national service network and E. Walter Smith’s critically acclaimed wedding music and live performance allow for The “Wedding Day” Package to be one of the bridal industry’s best kept secrets.

“Well, the price points and services that we provide are unmatched, and those firms that try to compete with us fall short in their execution,” says Smith. Since a wedding is planned to be a once in a lifetime event it’s critical that everything goes off with out a hitch. When the bride a groom select the Wedding Day package they are getting an amazing deal on the tuxedos, my live performance and professional dj service from one of my exclusive professional wedding disk jockeys.      

In addition to the $750 savings for the live performance, here is an overview of everything included in The “Wedding Day” Package!