Little Girl Video

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Society has said that the bond between a father and a daughter is magical.  She is his little princess and he is her hero.  However, many will say that times have changed and that fathers just don’t care anymore.  Well, “these times they are a changin’”…for the better. 

“Little Girl” is the first duet in recent times that captures the love and cherished memories shared between a father and his daughter.  (It's also one of the New York Times' Top R&B Wedding Songs.)  From “riding on her father’s shoulders to touch the moon tonight,” to “holding her in his arms because the thunder makes her cry,” “Little Girl” serves to prove to the world that this kind of enchanting, unconditional love still exists.    

The relationship between my Dad and my sister is classic; she can do no wrong and he is putty in her hands.   He tries to deny it but, the night she got married Dad said that he ‘prayed to lived to dance with her on her wedding day.’  Well, after we dried our eyes I wrote this song as a tribute to them and a dream that I hope might come true for me one day.

After co-writing and producing “Little Girl” with Glen Perdew, I invited American Idol contestant Tatiana McConnico to sing this beautiful song with me.  

I love working with Glen because he always gets where I’m coming from musically.  We both grew up listening to radio when one could hear Pop, Rock, and Funk/R&B on the same station, so it’s fun collaborating with him.  To spice things up, I even brought Colin Sobers in to do all the incredible guitar work.   Tati is amazing!  I met her after she co hosted the Literacy Leadership Conference.  When she came into Beal Street Studios I knew during her mic check that I was going to have step up my game.  Truth be told, I came back a few weeks later to redo some of my vocals because her interpretation inspired me to do a few things differently to heighten the emotion of the song. 

Although this song will become a standard for all father/daughter events and promotions, “Little Girl” is finding its way into the conscience of “dead beat dads” looking to make amends with their “little girls.”    It’s always interesting to see how my songs impact people in ways I never imagined.   After a friend of mine heard the song he called his daughter that he had not seen in six or seven years.   He said that the lyrics reminded him of all the things he missed sharing with her and didn’t want another day to go by with those thoughts on his mind.   He said, ‘E, life is too short.’”

The official video introduces an amazing actress/model/singer, Sydney L. Martinez.  I’ve known her since she was about 7 or 8 years and have used her as the “little girl” in MMM, MMM Baby, as one of the rappers in I’m Catholic Cool, and a dancer in The Bride Slide.   She has been committed to her career from the day we met, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

This video was directed by Jordan De Bow for and Deirdre A. Diamond Martinez.

Art Direction by James M. Bartlett

Special thanks to Anshum M Photography for "A Father's Tears" and  Mojica Photography for "Footprint"


Some of the celebrities and “movers and shakers” that appear in this video include:

Kym Whitley – Actress/ Comedienne  (Raising Whitley)

Palmer Williams, Jr. – Actor/Singer  (Floyd from Tyler Perry Productions)

AJ McCarron & Starla – Quarterback for Alabama and the Cincinnati Bengals

Ed Gordon – International TV Journalist

Ted Baehr – Editor-in-Chief of MovieGuide

Litchford Jones – Founder,


Public Service Announcements & Press Releases

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Kym Whitley - Actor, Comedienne

Bern Nadette Stanis - "Thelma" from television's '70's sitcom "Good Times"

Roland Warren - President, National Fatherhood Initiative

Marc Morial - President and Chief Executive Officer, National Urban League

Allen Houston Professional Basketball Player, formerly of the New York Knicks

Joe Kelly - President, Dads and Daughters Organization

Rushia Brown -  Formerly of the WNBA Cleveland Rockers and Charlotte Sting

Darryl Matthews - General President Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Sam Hamilton - General Polmarch Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 

Marva Smith Battle-Bey - President, National Coalition 100 Black Women

Dr. Gerald Durley - Pastor Providence Missionary Baptist, Past President Concerned Black Clergy

Yvette Caslin - Executive Editor "Rolling Out UrbanStyle Weekly"

Donna Douglas - Platinum Song Writer (Faith Hill) Co founder, Slingshot Entertainment

David Manuel - Author of, "I Am a Father"

Tony Jones - ToneZone Live

Thomas Brown - Sheriff Thomas Brown, Dekalb County, Georgia

Latisha Owens - Executive Producer, The Twinkie Awards

E. Walter Smith - Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer, Entrepreneur


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